Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kane County Flea Market: St Charles, Illinois

Hey guys! This is my first post to any blog ever & I'm very excited!!!

Today my girlfriend Kendal & I drove out to the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, IL. St. Charles is located right outside of Chicago. I have never been to any flea markets ever and this was the BEST way to start my experience off!

This place is HUUUUUUGE! I swear, there must have been 500 vendors, at least. It was INSANE!

My future plans for this blog are to take pictures of colorful people I come across & give you a little story about them and what I loved about them. Today my only goal was to get to see everything in 5 hours so I did not do that. I did not bring my camera in with me only because I wanted to shop, not schlep! Next time, I'll be sure to manage both but for today here is what I got:

The first tent we went to had a lot of everything. It was insane!!!! The prices seemed pretty high for what they were, but hey... I'm new here! (oh btw, Kendal & I even talked about bargaining on the car ride there...) Two younger guys sat on coolers, waiting for the day to be over, when it just started. After about a half an hour of digging:
Budweiser Ad $6

Kingsbury Ad $10

PBR (with child) Ad $10
Creepy baby picture $5

Old Chicago Beer Can $2
 This should have cost $33, but I only paid $20... Not too bad!

He also had a jar full of plastic babies. It was pretty fantastic!

The babies were priced at 3 for $1 or $60 for all of them... WAY too much! I wanted this really bad...

We then stopped and saw these old framed pictures from newspapers. He had tons of pin up girls & really knew about them. He wanted to tell me every name of the picture because they were really quirky and sassy titles.  He was great!
Pin-Up Girl for my kitchen collection & the 69 Cubbies for the office Total $10
This next find was my favorite. This is where I really fell in love with the flea market. I came across this man who had fossils, and claimed he had dinosaur poop and like all this crazy mess.
Dinosaur teeth, poop & egg shells!!
What really caught my eye was a taxidermy bat... this thing was crazy... but not as crazy as what I got!
BUG!! $27

 This texidermy bug was the coolest thing I have ever seen I think! I'm not a huge fan of bugs (the sound of them flying/buzzing by my ears creeps me out!), but this Eurycnema Versirubra won me over. I still have yet to name it. The guy who sold it to me was awesome. He was telling me all about how to soften the body by using moist cotton & then I could shape the antenna however I wanted. I wont be trying that anytime soon but I loved knowing that those things are possible! The case for the bug was $8 and I told him I'd give him $30 for everything. To me, this is priceless. This is my first flea market obsession.

The last thing I ended up getting was a really dumb shot glass. My friend and I were talking earlier this morning about why I wanted to go today (which was to start a collection of random shit). He told me he collected shot glasses. I mean for $2, this gag gift was pretty nice!!!

Shot Glass $2

 There was so much here! I could have bought a million more things, but I think this was safe.

Oh and by the way... On the way out I snagged me a jar-o-babies for $25!!!!!!!! =]

Miss Kendal Jones... Sporting her fancy new fan!

We LOVED this display... Their stuff was way over priced though.

Do you really need this many books on how to do it? SHEESH.. Horn balls

Dinosaur sculpture. $200... in progress of getting a deal going with these guys. Mom may be buying me a dinosaur for my BIRFDAY!!

Super awesome chair! $???

Baby Gator purse... (sad!) $60 (did not buy!)

 Wanna see what Kendal got?

Till next time! <3


  1. Very nice. I especially like the dinosaur shay. shot glass is awesome! i collect shot glasses from around the world from everywhere i go. :)

  2. Why do I always have to look like such a creep...

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