Friday, February 22, 2013

Renningers Mount Dora: Mount Dora, FL

I am so sorry this post has taken so long. My accident has pushed things back hard, and I haven't been motivated to do much. That was really depressing when I thought back on how much fun I had been having making this project more of a reality each time I left the house.

Now, I don't want to use my accident as a crutch but I hope you guys can be forgiving that my stories aren't as lively as they normally are. Writing months later because of an accident is hopefully a viable excuse. Don't worry!! It won't happen again.

Since these blogs are long over due I am troubled with how to go about this.
Right now I am focusing on posting the images and some stories I can remember and my reflections based on what I can remember.    

* Since my trip I lost all of my pictures from my phone but I am sure you won’t mind too much since I am promising to revisit Mt. Dora as soon as I can!

Mount Dora has been on my list for a very long time. Just based on their website I knew that this would be an epic trip. It seemed like this would be the market that I had been fantasizing about... And it was!

My neighbor Anita and I left Savannah, Georgia very early Saturday morning... Oh I'd say around 4 a.m.  Yeah, to go to a flea market. I KNOW! IT WAS AMAZING. By the time we checked into a hotel, briefly filled our bellies with snacks and coffee, I couldn't stand the anticipation anymore. Renningers was becoming this magical fairy-tale place in my mind and I couldn't wait to meet the kings and queens of Mount Dora!!! 

The first couple I met made me feel right at home. 

Herb & Karen Brandt: Stone Crest, FL 

What a strange stories these love birds have; exactly one month apart both of these people lost their spouses. A year later they were married. Karen was besties with Herbs wife before she past and was part of the reason they were neighbors. One night after loosing their beloved spouses, these recent widows went out to dinner, and hit it off! It’s always great to see something tragic end so happily. Now this happy couple sells high quality aromatic experiences in the form of oils, and such. Herb, pictured here, sports one of his favorite fragrances: Monkey Farts!

I was feeling so welcomed in the flea market. I was quickly learning how important a spot in the barn was to these people, how it was tradition to some, and practicality for others. Nonetheless it was still a prestigious spot to have. The next lady I met was one with a story to share.

Jackie Pelchat: Lake County, FL

The Man Cave is not your typical glassware & stein emporium. Yes, it does have all of the traditional items one would find at such a place, but it is the brains behind the operation that makes Jackie’s shop so unique. I got to talking to Jackie and finding out her entire life story about how she came into the business. It was heart wrenching in parts, glorious in others and magical some other times. I do not want to impersonalize how amazing this story was that involves her fathers battle against pneumonia turned to cancer and the Renningers family even remembering her father from his booth from years and years ago. So I ask that you go find Jackie, and ask her to share her story with you.  She was probably so approachable because of advice her father had given her long ago “Never lie and say hi”. A motto more people need to live by.

I purchased two of these little medallion things for $5 total. They used to have hooks and were used as coat hangers, but I had other intentions for them!

I am already feeling high on sensory overload!! That is pretty normal for me, but this was a different feeling. Everywhere I looked, someone, or something was catching my attention. Thank my gift and curse in life is needing to know everything about everything. Actually, that is what really drives this project. 

The way Manuel was standing just beckoned to be photographed. And so I beckoned  =]

Manuel Vargas: Orlando, FL
Vendor of four years.

I am normally not one to buy records, but I have been wanting to melt some records into bowls for a while. You can imagine my excitement when I came across some with great art work. This is what I destroyed. *Please don't be offended!



 Not sure if yall know this but your girl, Urban Flea Marketer LOVES HER SOME SPICY FOOD. EVERY MEAL SPICY. IF IT'S HOT, I AM ALLLLLLLLLLLL OVER THAT!

Dramatics aside, I get aroused by all the hot sauces. Don't be perverted...

I had to stop.

Ron Schwab: Mt. Dora, FL

Ron has been kicking asses at the flea market for about 2 ½ years now. By kicking asses, I mean selling some of the most amazing hot sauces I’ve ever seen… This is coming from a girl who is willing to do any Ghost Pepper Challenge that comes her way. Just the variety of the sauces and products was so unexpected that I was in pure bliss when I cam across this badass stand. I mean hell, he has a pirate earring. 
Umm.. Yes. Yes, he is a total badass.

Ron admits that it is not a hard sale at his stand, the products sell themselves, but you need just a little knowledge and you’ll do well!

Something about lava, or molten something...

Now this is where my day starts to get a little fuzzy. I am running on hours of no sleep, over caffeinated (poor Anita had to listen to blab all friggen day!!! Love ya Anita!!), sensory overload, and all trying to get some "work" done. So for now... you get to look at pretty pictures. Maybe I will comment here and there. <3 xo

Bug Coasters: $5

iPhone-ography at its finest 

As Paula would say, "Put a little South in Your mouth."

Potassium Bichromate is used in several alternative photography processes! 

There was adorable shop inside the barn that had lots of country flair. This place reminded me of all the cute little hometown stores I get to stop in at on the road.

It was nice to find dry plates in such good condition. Too bad the images were boring and not worth the buy.

You know your girl loves her some bugs!!!

This is for all of my crazy cat ladies out there!

One of my favorite color pallets- total flea market!

So cute and cozy! Makes me want to move in! 
 I was able to meet the events coordinator, Toni Moody, who gave me a lot of great information. She was so sweet and wonderful! How someone can do so much, like pick for 26 dealers, run the events at Renningers, and be such a fabulous human being is beyond me. I was able to pick up this handmade artist book for $5. One of my most treasured items...

As a printmaker myself I am pretty sure the artist (or assistants) hand tore all of the pages for this fabulous book.

I am pretty sure the artist printed each page herself. Still doing research.

Gotta love rusty old signage! 


Cow Skull $25 

I am planning to embellish this with something crazy! I'll update when I figure it out =]

Now one of the most interesting characters I met in Mount Dora was Louis.

Louis Massa: Mount Dora, FL
Louis' passion for this is evident. He has such an ora about him that its hard to contain your smile around him. 

There was so much to look at. This sensory overload was being met by sweaty heat, and exhaustion... But I had to know more about Louis. 

The fact that he is so happy doing this he "wouldn't care if (he) ended up living under a bridge", says a lot. This man has so much passion for what he does. Sadly he says the worst part about the job is "potential mates". I guess I had never thought of it that way. I'm sure people who aren't totally immersed in this culture are very overwhelmed by the volume... and boy does Louis have volume!!! 

No big deal- just a semi-truck. FILLED WITH FUN!!!
"You don't need a damn thing I have, but if it makes you smile... Buy it!" -Louis Massa 

Fun Fact: American Pickers actually sent him a letter, wanting to meet up with him when the show first started. He ignored the letter. *He just recently found it!
Go check him out y'all, and ask him about his "special" painting. LOUIS- I haven't forgotten about you or that painting man! I'm still researching!

First time finding letter press stuff in the south!!

You know you're in the south when...

... your tractor is lifted for the Bud Mud Fest.

I am proud to be semi-southern. 
"Country Living. Northern Style" -Urban Flea Marketer

So, my formula of how I work isn't complete worked out... because taking notes while talking isn't fun, and sometimes pages fall out of notebook. So if someone can get me this ladies information, that'd be super great!

This lady and her father are beyond words.  First just look at what they sell...

Yeah... Those are nobs and hinges of every sort. KEYWORD: SORT. This inventory is so massive. Something like 7 storage pods of inventory... some that haven't been sorted, some that need to be cleaned, others that need to be prices. I forget exactly how this all came into play, but something the line of her father picking this stuff up from something going out of business.

Want a sneak peak at just what the back rooms look like? 

Oh, don't worry... My overload exploded when I saw this. I literally had to close my eyes for about a minute. This warehouse of handles, hinges and everything else was too much. I was so greatful to get a chance to see this. This is what I live for. Now I will admit, I did spend about an hour looking at EVERY SINGLE handle I could on the floor. No reason. Just needed to see them all... (How can I be OCD with ADHD?!) I ended up picking up one handle. This is a handle for a letter press tray. Didn't realize it until my good friend Emilie who is a full blown printmaking fool educated me. 

Letter press tray handle: $12

My brother, Alejandro, is going to make me something for my guest bathroom to hold guest towels and such, and this will be the handle for it! I can't wait.

I really want to come back here and just buy everything. I want to put nobs on EVERYTHING. Even things that don't need nobs, should have them because there are so many fantastic ones here. 

Cutting Board: $1
So I picked this thing up, not knowing what it was. Actually I thought it was some sort of spanking paddle. Either way, I knew it was fabulous, and I needed it. It needed to be hung somewhere in my house. Everywhere I tried to put it, it just kept looking better and better in my kitchen. It wasn't until maybe November (four or five months later), did I turn it over and notice it was a bread/cutting board. HOW TASTY!!!! 
Oh, no big deal... Just a giant saw blade on a table.  (Yeah, I NEED this!)

If I go back and that cat is still there, IT'S MINE BABY!

Fresh Flea Market Fish!!!!

Vintage Camera Orgasm!

Since I love bugs... Anita may have little feet, BUT THIS WAS HUGE.

My first time finding a blood transfusion kit. Should have snagged it! 
"Sippin' Whisky"

Coke Crate: $10

Awesome Coke crate. Not the traditional 24 slat....

I just want to thank all of your for your support. Please pass the blog along and share it with your friends and obviously find us on Facebook LIKE


  1. Hi! Great idea and great post. I was in Mt Dora yesterday taking my MIL to the beauty parlor and thought about going to Renningers but decided to do thrift stores. Now I wish I had! When I saw your title and post I thought maybe I will see someone I know, the only one was Tony and you are right about her. I use to have a booth in Orlando but recently closed it to start a vintage wedding/event rental company with my BFF! Vintage Chic Affairs, we are on FB and have a blog. A little bit of a different direction then a booth but you get to pick and shop all the time. Oh and I wanted to ask you if you have heard of Fancy Flea in lakeland Fla? Over the top vendor flea market, a lot of the vendors at Renningers do the show! The next one is in April, I forgot the date but you can google it. Ok I will stop. I will be following you on FB!

  2. Glad to see youre back, hope you havent forgotten about Kellers, I sure remember the pretty girls like you, Cheers, Rick

  3. Do they allow you bring your pets or pets in carriers???????????

  4. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Louis Massa was murdered yesterday.

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